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So my dear friends, let us rollback to the days of yore, when the books were paper only and a kindle was but a dream. Well, I may be exaggerating! But with Rollback Reads, we want to celebrate some of the older books that we have read in the month. Whether they really are before the time of kindles or were just last year. We wanted to give some space to books that may no longer be in the spotlight, but are still worth highlighting … or ranting about. So please come and join us in our discussions of these rollback reads!


Francesca: I didn’t get to read a ton this month but the novellas I picked up made my numbers look good 🙂  I still managed a few older releases though.  I started out the month with one that I got through the Audible Romance package and it’s STROKE OF MIDNIGHT by Lara Adrian.  I love this series and I hate being behind but I get to catch up on audio now.  This was such a fun novella, I loved the chemistry and the storyline.  It felt really fresh and new and that’s something I can admire in a series that has been going on for so long.  Can’t wait to read more.

Suzanne: I am glad I am not the only one! I didn’t read that many rollback books, I didn’t even reread very much, which is shocking for me, I love a good re-read.

Annie: I’m really ashamed of the lack of rollback reads I had this month! I will definitely have to do better for the next one! But the first one that I tried and ended up really enjoying was DEATH OF A COUPON CLIPPER by Lee Hollis. I’ve been really into this series this year and I really enjoyed the snowy theme of this book. I know the other books have more holiday specific themes but for this time of the year, I thought it was the perfect pick of humor and mystery.

Francesca: My next rollback was a re-read of a classic favorite of mine.  MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS, which needs no introduction.  This was my first time listening to the audio which I’ve had for a while and it’s a book I haven’t re-read since my childhood.  There’s something about Agatha Christie’s writing that just works for me and I renewed my love for my favorite detective Hercule Poirot.  I need to re-read more of these!

Suzanne: I have never read any Agatha Christie! It’s on my list though. I saw the new film for Murder on the Orient Express though and enjoyed that. Does that count!? I did read a bit of a mystery though and it has a fantastic cover and title: THE SOMNAMBULIST AND THE PSYCHIC THIEF by Lisa Tuttle. It’s a Victorian mystery involving psychics and sleep walkers. I was the first book in a series and although I liked it and continued to read the series it had a few hiccups. 

Annie: My next read was  THE REAL THING by Melissa Foster. I used to read Foster’s books much more earlier in the year but I just can’t keep up with every single release she has despite the fact that I enjoy her writing. This one isn’t one of my favorites. I wasn’t keen on the hero and that’s why I’ve kind of stalled on reading the next book in the series even though I do already have it. I’m hoping it’ll be better than this one.

Francesca: In my search for holiday reads I came across an anthology from last year and I picked it up.  HOLIDAY HEAT: THE MEN OF STARLIGHT BEND.  I picked this up because of Jennifer Ashley and Jennifer Probst, and I admit those weren’t necessarily my favorite stories of the bunch.  This was more of an all-around mehhhh kinda anthology for me and each story had a lot of insta-love that didn’t feel believable.  But it does have the setting and the small town wintery feel that I was looking for.

Suzanne: It does seem to be difficult to find a good Christmas read! I did manage to find a good one though this month, Victoria Alexander’s SAME TIME, NEXT CHRISTMAS. It was a historical romance novella but it packed a punch, you need to give it a try. 

Francesca: I finally picked up the Out of Uniform series by Annabeth Albert.  I started out this month and read OFF BASE and I found it adorable!  There’s a virgin hero very deep in the closet who is in the military and comes from a very religious family and he falls for a geeky guy who lives his life very much out of the closet.  They were the cutest opposites attract story and I can’t wait to read more from this series.

Suzanne: That sounds really good! I don’t read much LGBT but I definitely want to get my hands on that. 

Francesca:  Then I tackled a few of my Roundabout Challenge books!  I didn’t meet my goal of finishing the challenge early and fell a few books short this month, but I’m almost there.  This month I read (actually listened on audio to these three).  First up SILVER TONGUED DEVIL by Jaye Wells, and it delivered everything that I used to love about this series.  But I’m not sure if it’s my mood or my taste changing over the years, but I wasn’t as blown away and immersed with this one and I don’t know if I’ll be picking up the next one now.  Then I read OF SILK AND STEAM by Bec McMaster.  If you’ve been following my Roundabout Challenge comments you know I struggle with steampunk and I generally struggle with this series.  I haven’t found the Bec McMaster book that stands out much yet.  But it was an ok read.  And my favorite I read from this month’s roundabout Challenge was KILLING TIME by Cindy Gerard.  I’ve wanted to read her for so long and here I am finally.  She’s proven she’s the type of romantic suspense author I like to read.  The world building and the threat the characters are facing feels real and well crafted, which tells me either the author knows from experience or has done great research to give me a story I can believe.  And it’s not just about the sexy times.  There’s nothing I hate more than a romantic suspense story that when the hero and heroine are on the run from the bad guys, say in the middle of a jungle with them on their tail, and they stop to have sex.  Seriously?  So I was happy to find none of that here.  Lots of smart characters and I can’t wait to read more from her.

Suzanne: Lets not talk about the Romance Roundabout challenge…*runs and hides*

Francesca:  And last for my thrillers!  I read THE GOOD DAUGHTER by Karin Slaughter.  Guys, I struggled.  I have enjoyed her writing in the past but I already struggled through the prequel novella for this but I still had found it interesting enough to move forward.  But then I picked up the novel and I just couldn’t get through it.  It took me most of the month to get to like 40% and I was intrigued by the story but I ended up DNFing this.  It was boring and tedious and as much as I wanted to know if my suspicions were true, in the end I didn’t care enough to put myself through reading the rest of the book.  I’m a bit sad about this.

Suzanne: I have a book I DNFed as well. It also happened to be one that you recommended to me Francesca! SWEET ENEMY by Heather Snow. I know you love it, but I had a similar struggle with finding it a little boring. I just couldn’t get into it. I kept going back and trying again before I just gave up! However, I did have some more success with another historical romance, it was a re-read though! I decided to read some of the older Mackenzie books Jennifer Ashley in preparation for the new release. I LOVE those Scottish lords

Francesca: I’m sitting here laughing because while I recommended the series I never read THAT book.  I know it’s book 1 but I skipped it. teehee but sorry you didn’t like it.

Francesca:  The last one on my list was STILLHOUSE LAKE by Rachel Caine.  This was my Pick It For Me that Suzanne chose and it was a hit!  This was one of those books that keeps you on the edge of your seat needing to know what happens next.  My very first hunch of suspicion came true in the end but this book took me on a ride and by the time we have the big reveal in the end I had honestly suspected everyone.  Great job by the author in terms of the mystery, but also on the back story.  I cared for the heroine, I felt terrible for everything she’s had to go through, but also admire her for the strength she had to dig up from somewhere inside herself to transform everything about herself and her life to keep her family safe.  While there’s a resolution of the bad guy in the book, this ends in a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to read the next one in December.

Suzanne: I KNEW you would love it! It is one of my favourite thrillers Caine does such a fantastic job with it. My last rollback read was MAGIC TO THE BONE by Devon Monk. It’s an UF that I have been meaning to read for years! I really enjoyed it, it was a great start to the series and I am seriously intrigued about what will happen next. I can’t believe it has taken me so long to pick it up…however, that does mean that I don’t have to wait for all the books to come out, they are all there waiting for me. 

Annie: For my Pick it For Me, Francesca chose THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO by Taylor Jenkins Reid. It was my first read by the author and I did enjoy it. There were some things that I would have changed about the book personally to better fit my style of reading. But all in all, I did enjoy the uniqueness of the story. 


Have you read any older books this month?



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  1. Elizabeth

    Cindy gerard is a long time favorite of mine…and I felt the same way about the sabina kane series. But no I haven’t read anything too old this month.

  2. You gals did pretty good at the older reads, I think. I finished off a YA series I’ve had on my shelves for a while- Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles. A mystery, Deception at Lyme by Carrie Bebris. And an Eve Langlais PNR, Croc’s Return. And yes, some of these helped me finish Romance Roundabout. Woohoo. I can’t wait to set up next year’s reading for the challenge b/c it helps me get to so many that just sit on the shelves. 🙂
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  3. I actually just started STILLHOUSE LAKE by Rachel Caine myself. I’m also listen to JD Robb’s IN DEATH series on audio books. I’ve read the whole series but needed a mystery series to listen to while driving by myself 3 hours once a week to visit the grandbabies. As it has been 10+ years since I read the earlier books, I thought I’d go back and see again how it all started.

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