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It’s come to the point in the month when I’m scrambling to find a fantastic present for all of my loved ones. I’ve had a half hearted look, maybe grabbed a few things but I still have a list of people and presents I haven’t yet purchased. Panic will set in soon if I don’t get shopping soon and it will be a mad dash round on Christmas Eve picking up anything I can get my hands on. So, I’ve put together a holiday gift guide to suit all budgets, hopefully this will give us all some fantastic ideas about what to get for the people we love.

For when you want something small for the office Secret Santa, a stocking or just because you want to give a little token of appreciation, here are some great gift ideas!

I found this fantastic website full of amazing gifts which any book lover would appreciate called The Literary Gift Company. They have some great gifts here are my favourites for the under $15 mark.

The Zipmark. I kind of destroy my paperbacks by dog earring them, it’s a cardinal sin! However, maybe I wouldn’t if I got this cute zip mark! It’s adorable and a bargain at just $7.86!

As much as I loved the Zipmark though, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without one thing. Socks. If I don’t get a pair of socks for Christmas, it almost feels like Santa hasn’t visited at all. Luckily, you can combine your love of books and your love of socks! Check out their fantastic range!

Lastly, to help plan the year a head, what would be better than a calendar? Especially if that calendar is of “Hot Dudes Reading“. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold.



For when you have a little more money to play with, we have found some fantastic gifts that you are bound to love!

Now, it’s getting chilly and it’s not just you who needs to wrap up warm, your books do as well, which is why we adore these book sleeves from Book Beau they are so cute! My particular favourite is the Red Skulls design, but there is plenty of choice. So, keep your books warm and protected this winter and check out the gorgeous book sleeves.

Another thing to keep you cosy…candles! I adore candles, one is burning right now as I write this. However, what I definitely need to get my hands on are these awesome bookish candles from Icey Designs. The Fangirl and Butterbeer ones are on the top of my list but they all look fab. Icey Designs have also started doing a monthly subscription book which will have some exclusive candles and goodies in it, December’s has sold out, but keep an eye out for January’s!

Subscription boxes can be a great gift and there are some fantastic ones out there, here are a few of our recommendations all of which for a 1 month subscription is under $50:

The Bookworm Box

Owl Crate (YA)


The Bookish Box

We seem to be on the theme of “keeping cosy” for the under $50 gifts, so to continue that theme, how about some scarves and gloves? I adore this Pride & Prejudice scarf and it’s definitely going on my Christmas list! Especially if I can pair it with these Alice in Wonderland gloves!

In this modern age a bookworm can’t rely on paperbacks alone, you need an e-Reader. I am a big fan of the Amazon kindle and have had a few variants, so if you have the budget it for it, give it a try! They are reliable, very portable and most books are available in kindle format. So, take a look yourself and give it a try!

When you’re snuggling down to start reading though, especially if you live in a busy household, it can be hard to block out all the noise around you. Which, is why you need these adorable noise cancelling headphones, I don’t think the cute cat ears add to the noise cancelling effect…however, it does make them irresistible!



What’s on your Christmas List this year?



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