Random Thoughts of a Romance Blogger: Tropes/Trends I’m Tired of Seeing

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Here comes another maybe unpopular opinion at you guys!  We’re all aware that the book world is flooded with books more so now than ever.  And the unavoidable fact that comes along with that is having some things that get overused to the point that where something used to be a go-to trope, it ends up being the one you stay away from.  Here’s a short list of some things that we are tired of seeing overused.

Of course this is not to say that ALL books that use these are bad.  We have some highly recommended and favorite books that may fall in with these trends.  But the majority end up being just ok or mediocre and that’s where we would rather see fresh, new ideas come up instead.

Funny books (That aren’t funny at all)
This mainly goes for those Contemporary Romances that are heavy on the humor. The problem with this is that not everyone has the same sense of humour and what others find hilarious comes across as juvenile or immature to me. I’m talking about pussy jokes or jokes about fecal matter and such because really, no one above the age of eighteen should really find this funny.

No Strings Attached BS
I hate it when you start a book and the hero and heroine try to convince themselves that it’s just going to be about the sex. No strings, no commitment, blah blah. Everyone knows its bs because THIS IS A ROMANCE NOVEL. I hate it because it makes the first sex scenes they have together feel empty.

Oh boy, don’t come out with the pitchforks now.  I love to read a rom-com once in a while and some authors do them really well.  But there are just TOO MANY out there right now.  They’re also easy to spot as the covers all follow the same kind of formula.  I would much rather read a great book that doesn’t follow this trend, than just be bombarded by the mediocre rom-coms.  *ducks the stones and hides*

Knight in Shining Armour 
When the heroine’s life is only good because the hero entered it and solved all her problems for her. Mainly by throwing money at it and having sex with her. Rescued by penis. I hate it. Does she at any point take control of her own life with these new resources? No. She just follows the penis.

Tortured Heroes
Just go see your therapist and quit whining. Big baby.

Why, just why? I don’t normally mind, it’s when the whole plot hinges on a single misunderstanding. Again I ask, why? My knee jerk answer is normally lack of imagination on the author’s part.

Yes, I know it’s possible.  No, I don’t usually care for it in my romance novels.  It’s like expecting me to be on board with the characters feelings when I’m not the one that fell at first sight with them.  I can’t buy it.  I need the build up of their relationship with the end result being that they fall in love.  Insta-lust, though.  I’m totally on board with that.  Just don’t try to pass it off as more.

Love Triangles
Hate them. They are predictable and pointless.

Too Perfect
When h/H, especially heroines for me, are too perfect. They never have a bad hair day, a blemish or ever have a bitchy thought.


So there you have some of our most recent ones.  We are thankful to see some of our older ones already on the downscale so we didn’t include them here, but if you would like to check out that list you can do so here.

Now tell us what are some of
the trends you’re tired of in the comments,
we’d love to hear it.

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18 responses to “Random Thoughts of a Romance Blogger: Tropes/Trends I’m Tired of Seeing

  1. Virginity for sale, or use of sex to pay a debt (usually a family debt).
    I hate the current cover theme of super cursive writing over a colour washed B&W photo.
    The Ex-girlfriend/wife/lover being either an evil witch, crazy bitch, or general reprehensible human being. Especially if there’s kids involved.

  2. Mary

    Billionaire anything. Sperm donors turned true love. Roomates!!! H/h insisting they’re not good enough. Motorcycle alphas.

  3. I am with you on this list but I do so love my wounded heroes, especially if they are paranormal and they can have centuries to work past.

    I agree with Jennifer. While I love a good romance, I find myself grabbing for more urban fantasy series which frees you from these messy tropes. I haven’t read enough UFs to pick up on their standard tropes yet so it is still refreshing.

  4. Amy R

    I agree with the Miscommunication (I have a STRONG hate for this one), Love Triangles and Too Perfect. Funny books are a hit or miss for me, I don’t think there’s a happy medium (it’s funny or not). Excessive angst is something I dislike, these books for me typically don’t have a good story. I understand things need to happen to keep a reader engaged but when an author just keeps adding crap on top of crap I just want to say scream. Insta-love is a guilty pleasure of mine.

  5. I am sooooo with you on the whole no strings attached. I can’t say that it is a deal breaker for me, but I never care for it. I do love funny books though. I certainly don’t find pussy jokes or jokes about fecal matter funny, but I never get sick of books that make me laugh. And seriously love triangles are the worst.

  6. All of these can be good or bad depending on the author’s handling of the story. But I am tired of billionaires, women who are rescued, virgins. I agree with Jennifer that sometimes I need a genre change. But also I guess there needs to be a story besides the romance. I like romance in my urban fantasy, fantasy, scifi, mystery books etc but romance is not the whole story. This is partly why I enjoy romantic suspense, altho those tend to be insta love more often because of the survival mode. Anne
    Northwoman recently posted…Saving Mr. Perfect by Tamara MorganMy Profile

  7. Aly P

    I was sure I would disagree with most of those on your list, but I don’t! 😀
    I’d add motorcycle club books, the authors seem to be trying too hard with this trend, the same with dark romances. Besides those, I don’t have any to add.

  8. Mallory

    The whole billionaire thing. Please, please, please give it a rest. Insta-love would be a close second. Come up with a plot, authors , and then develop your characters. I’m not saying it is easy. It just makes for the best books.

  9. Cynthia N

    Your list is spot on. I enjoy a tortured hero to a certain degree. I never cared for the billionaires or MC misogynists either. I tried to read a MC romance and it didn’t take long before it was DNF. I haven’t touched another one since.

  10. While there are tropes on your list that I don’t read, I can’t say that I’m tired of seeing them, with the exception of miscommunication, and that’s because it just isn’t realistic that two people or at least one of the two doesn’t try to communicate or ask the obvious questions, throughout the entire story. Early miscommunications don’t bother me. But when they go on forever, then I generally DNF the story unless it really has something good going on.

    I’m glad for the other tropes because for years, they were unheard of. I agree that the authors need to aim for some originality when writing them, and usually that means just doing something a little different. A person in one of the Goodreads groups asked for a hot billionaire story with a snarky female. Subtle differences like that keep a story from being the same old Kibble and Bits. I’d like a billionaire story where the heroine is after money for a cause as opposed to being deep in debt. I came across one and was enjoying it until the hero, who wanted nothing to do with women, and heroine met and the story switched to instalust. I can tolerate instalove much better than instalust. I got tired of the hero’s penis jumping every time the heroine batted an eyelash or licked her lips or swayed her hips.

    For months and months and months, I stayed away from second-chance romances. They were everywhere, and most of them featured two talking heads in first person, and the story just bounced from her POV to his and vice versa, and all these two did was respond to each others thoughts and actions as if nothing else in life was happening to them. You know, the basic stuff like work, friends, secondary conflicts. It was an endless see-saw of jumping from one head to the other.

    I do like the tortured heroes; I also like a variety of heroines, including those who aren’t always strong; the kind readers call weak, because in life, there are women like that, so I don’t always want to read about the strong ones. Some of them might as well be men.

    Probably the one thing I don’t like is blurbs that don’t accurately describe a story. I don’t like to read a romance and unbeknownst to me, it has a triangle or the sex is between someone other than the hero and heroine or there’s rape or voyeurism in there. I might read those kinds of stories, but by choice and not by accident.

  11. I haven’t gotten burned out yet on an one trope because I mix up my genres regularly. However! I despise love triangles with a passion. It’s rare that I enjoy any story with this trope, unless it’s written by Liz Crowe.

    Protracted miscommunication drives me insane. I don’t mind if it happens and is resolved fairly quickly but when it’s the basis of the whole story, I just want to bail.
    Jonetta (Ejaygirl) recently posted…Audio: Rivers of Hell by Marina FinlaysonMy Profile

    • Thanks for the rec of Liz Crowe. I’ll take a look at some of her books. I don’t care for triangles unless the book for the one who loses out is next in line and already written. Of course, if the loser is some terrible character, I probably don’t bother with the story.

  12. Timitra

    I agree with everything on the list except tortured heroes I still love me a well done tortured hero

  13. Elena

    All your points are absolutely true. The Knight in Shining Armour and the Insta Love are the ones that right now irk me to the point of wanting to pull my hair. Once just once I’d like to read a book about a heroine telling the heroe (no matter how much in love she is with him) to go and fuck himself with his magical penis and his money. A heroine with real spine and self worth because honestly, why would any man claiming to love you resort to his ever powerful penis and blackmail? And the Insta Love trope, kill me now! Stop authors, just stop! I would like to add books that glorify a character involved in any kind of criminal activity be it a hit man, muscle for this or that mafia, biker, pimp, boss man. Great list, thank you!

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