ARC Review: Do Not Disturb by A. R. Torre

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ARC Review: Do Not Disturb by A. R. Torre

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
ARC Review: Do Not Disturb by A. R. Torre
Do Not Disturb
by A.R. Torre

5 Stars

Released: April 21, 2015
Published by Redhook / Hachette Book Group
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 325
Format: eARC

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“I’m shockingly hooked!  There is just something about Deanna Madden that I disturbingly love, I just can’t help it.” ~ Under the Covers

If THE GIRL IN 6E flexed my reading muscles, DO NOT DISTURB pushed some of my limits.  I shouldn’t have been ok with some of the things that take place in this book.  I wanted to look away at times.  But instead, I was completely glued to the pages and had to read more to find out how it would all turn out.  Call it morbid fascination, but it’s great entertainment!

That being said, the hunter becomes the hunted in this book.  Deanna may be a tough bitch but there are other predators out there.  And as her confidence grows and she tries to be more “human” now that she has a boyfriend, life catches up with her and who she is has to come back to play.

This book has a bit of everything.  Voyeurism, sex (of the icky kind as well as the hot kind), obsessive friends, explosions, body disposals and some good ol’ torture.  It is not for the faint of heart, and I can’t help but repeat this over and over.  Deanna is the female version of Dexter, just not quite as functional in society as he was just yet.  Here’s to hoping we can get there!

I don’t want to spoil what happens in the book because it’s best savored one page at a time, but I was especially taken with Deanna.  With her badass attitude and her naivete at times.  It was nice to see her a little vulnerable.  It was also necessary to see her break down for those she cares for.  As much as she has a bad side, this book goes a long way in proving she’s got good and we can try to identify with her in some ways.

Maybe some of the ways other characters in the book saw her in DO NOT DISTURB is not ideal, and things might be changed in their relationships.  But as long as you’re going in with a strong stomach and prepared to be shocked a couple of times, then you’re good to go on that one!

The ending…. well, the ending was a bit far-fetched and maybe not my favorite part of the story.  But after reading the authors note I can only say I’m happier with the ending we got than the one she originally planned!

If you haven’t read this series, then I recommend you give it a try.  I’m shockingly hooked!  There is just something about Deanna Madden that I disturbingly love, I just can’t help it.  I don’t think this is for everyone, and you have to let the characters take over instead of your thought process at times, but I find it immensely entertaining and can’t wait to read more dark reads like this from Ms. Torre.


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About Alessandra Torre

Alessandra Torre is an exciting new author who astonished the publishing world with the success of her first novel, Blindfolded Innocence. Initially self-published, the intriguing romance and erotica title quickly rose to the top of the charts on Kindle and Amazon where it attracted the interest of major publishing houses. Currently available on Kindle, iBookstore and Nook, Blindfolded Innocence will be available in print in through Harlequin Publishing on January 25, 2014.

Torre’s captivating story about a young intern’s sexual awakening has won praise and rave reviews from numerous critics, bloggers and book reviewers, including the acclaimed Dr. Laura Berman. In her recent article “35 to Read After 50″ in Everyday Health, Dr. Berman recommended Blindfolded as a must-read for book enthusiasts searching for a new fix after Fifty Shades of Grey. The book has also received high marks from readers on Goodreads and other literary web sites where fans frequently remark they can’t wait for a Blindfolded sequel.

Momentarily stunned by the book’s rapid success, Torre resumed her daily writing routine and published ‘The Girl in 6E’, an erotic thriller that explores the hidden fetishes men covet and the life of a female recluse who battles an overwhelming desire for murder. The Girl in 6E will be released in Summer 2014, as a hardcover novel, through Redhook, an imprint of Hachette.

From her home near the warm waters of the Emerald Coast in Florida, she devotes several hours each day to various writing projects and interacting with her fans on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Happily married to her “best friend” and with one son, she loves watching SEC football games, horseback riding, reading and watching movies.


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