2013 Sexy Showalter Reading Challenge Sign Up!

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Gena Showalter is one of Under the Covers’ favorite all time authors and we want to spread the love!  She is also a supernatural writing machine.  Seriously, she writes faster than anybody out there and you are going to want to join this challenge so you can catch up with everything she has written!  You have so much to choose from!!  She writes a lot of Paranormal Romance but she also writes YA.  There are different series, anthologies, standalones.  You are going to love it!  So what are you waiting for?

Here’s the rundown:
1. The Sexy Showalter Reading Challenge runs from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013. You can join at anytime from now and throughout the year. This is a 2013 challenge, so books read before January 1 will not count to your progress.
2. You pick your goal by picking a category! Read as many books as you’d like.
3. Re-reads are acceptable.
4. Books chosen can be of any genre (like we said, she writes a lot!)
5. To participate, copy and paste this post on your blog along with the challenge button. We ask that you provide a link back to the sign-up page in case others wish to participate.
6. Readers without blogs can still participate! Keep track of your progress with Goodreads, Shelfari or LibraryThing.

To sign up:

1.  Make a sign up post announcement, listing the category you’ve chosen and a list of books you plan to read.  If you don’t have a blog, post on GoodReads or another site as a thread where we can access your list of books.  Be sure to take the image code above.

2.  Come back here and using the list below, add your entry with a link directly to that post so we can see what you’ll be reading.

You’re done!  Every month during 2013 we will make a challenge update post where you can come and updates us on how you’re doing with your challenge.

Category 1: Gena Who?
1-4 books OR 1 Series completed
If we say Lords of the Underworld and you wonder if Peter Jackson is directing a new film whilst keeping your fingers crossed that Aragorn will be (nekkid) in it, then this is the category for you! You just need to dip your toe in the Showalter pond and try out 1-4 of her books OR alternatively complete just one of her series, easy peasy for all Gena Beginners!
Catetgory 2: Sampling Showalter
5-8 books OR 2 Series completed
You’ve done the Goodreads search, checked the prizes on Amazon; you are now fully prepared for Gena to take you to the next level, did you know she did some YA and contemporary as well….
Category 3: Gaga for Gena
9-12 books OR 3 Series completed
She has you hooked. You can’t help but reach for another book, just one more….and the another one!
Catergory 4: Sexy for Showalter
13-18 books OR 4 Series completed
You know your Lords from your pleasure slaves; your aliens from your nymph kings; demons, vampires, dragons, genies you love them all and aren’t afraid to wear your “Sexy for Showalter” t-shirt to prove it!
Catergory 5: Gena’s Number One Fan!
*awed silence* You have read EVERY book Gena has written, and although she might still have that restraining order out on you for sniffing her unmentionables that won’t stop you from being her NUMBER ONE FAN!
Happy Reading!

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40 responses to “2013 Sexy Showalter Reading Challenge Sign Up!

  1. Sophia Rose

    Yay, I have a whole pile of Gena’s books to read. Looking forward to this one. I wasn’t able to get the badge to work when I copy/pasted so I put a link to this page. I hope that’s alright. I’m not very good at that sort of thing.

  2. Lori Meehan

    Sounds like fun. I’m not sure if I have time for another reading challenge but tanks for the invite.

  3. Annette C.

    Love Gena Showalter, have read all her lords books so far so may her to do the challenge with her Alien Huntress series, I haven’t started them yet, it will give me an excuse to read them 🙂

      • Annette C.

        Just signed up for the challenge, doing the Gaga for Gena, it’s about time I reread the Lords & can’t wait to read the Alien Huntress series, just preordered the new Angels of Darkness & waiting for the release of the first Otherworld Assassins book. Did I mention I love Gena Showalter 🙂

  4. Jolene J-D

    I think I may have to do this, it would involve re-reading all her books for a 3rd time but that wouldn’t be a hard ship, love all her books and series…I think I am only missng 2 of her YA books my daughter reads…she is a wonderful author and has an amazing imagination…..

  5. shilo stone

    ok i feel really dumb but im not sure how to do a thread on goodreads. i have the pic up and listed my category that ive chosen but im not sure where to go from there. how do i do the link and sign up on this end? help please

    • Hi Shilo! Welcome to the challenge! Normally on GoodReads you can create a thread on a group that you belong to. Whether it be a Gena Showalter group or a Paranormal group, etc. there should be a section in that group that allows you to create a new topic. Once you find that make the title of your post the title of the challenge (probably with your username so people know that’s your thread) and then on your first post copy the code beneath the button and then list your books. Let me know if you need help from there. You can always find one of us (UTC gals) on GR, our profile links are on the About us page, if you need further help.

  6. Aly P

    I am very tempted to join… but I don’t want to make a thread thingie… Is it ok if I make a separated shelf for the challenge on GoodReads?

  7. Joining in! I will get the page set up today and add it in. I already have 2 unread books on my Kindle for Gena and 2 pre-ordered. Good start when I know I will read more than four of her books this year!

  8. Heather

    Okay an excuse to re-read all her books! Thanks so much! I am going to do this with Goodreads but don’t necessarily know what I am doing. lol

    I am starting with ” Last Kiss Goodnight”! And will happily reread the LOTU & first 3 books in Atlantis series & other book/series I have.

  9. Donna

    I want to read them all. I have read some of them already, but it never hurts to read them again. 😀

  10. Vicky de Repentigny

    I’m re-reading the Lords books right now, down to the 3rd book already and I don’t mind re-reading the Aliens series too! 🙂 She is one of the best out there! Love her books!

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